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Handmade accessories made with love for you and your pet!

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I love being able to share my creativity by creating different products for "hoomans" and their pets. Even when we have specific designs, we are able to customize and/or create new ones. Every resin item is hand made which means they will have small differences between each other so that make them more special and unique. Also all snoods and bandanas are made to fit your pet.

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If you want your pet to appear on our social media and/or website wearing the product obtained, send us a message with their photo! It will be a pleasure for Handmade by Hillset to show the world how handsome/beautiful they are!

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We are located in Kleefeld, Manitoba. All our products and accessories handmade with love just for you and your pet.
I have decided to start my small business using the love for the animals as a motivation to create something for them and their hoomans.

With love,
Taliya from Hillset
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  • Do not expose the tags to really high / low temperatures: If left in some weather conditions for to much time the resin can become flimsy (super hot weather), so please keep this in mind.
  • For resin tags do not allow your pet to chew the tag: The products can break apart if chewed on (Hillset disclaims any liability for misuse of the purchased product).
  • For snoods please wash at a medium temperature, not to hot.