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Irish Setter

Hi! I'm Samuel
My name is Samuel Helm and I am responsible for my Irish Setters, although my parents are always willing to help and support and me when I need it.
I love Irish Setters because they are always happy, ready to do anything, and are so affectionate. My mom says their energy level matches mine.
Hi! I'm Elias
For me, my love affair began with our first Samoyed "Nasha Gordost Nelson". He joined our family in 2019, coming all the way from Russia. Later, we imported a female, Belolakay Enika White Diamond of Prairie.
When we got Nelson we immediately began showing him in conformation competition. Nelson exemplifies type, temperament and movement typically found among the top Samoyed kennels around the World. Behind him are the BELOLAKAY (Russia), ANATINA (Slovenia), CABAKA (Denmark), VANDERBILT (Canada), BELYI VOLK (Russia), and POLAR MIST (America) kennels.

English Cocker Spaniel

Hi! I'm Taliya
I love English Cocker Spaniels because of their loyalty, optimism, intelligence, and that constantly wagging tail!
This is a breed that enjoys being with their human family and having a job to do, which makes them great companions. I think they are so darn cute.

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